Hello! Thanks for finding the home of just some of the images I've had the good fun of creating over the years.

Helping you visually articulate your feelings about your work, your animals, the food you grow and cook, and any products you make and sell in the world, is gratifying to me on the shooting side of the camera. I love working with businesses and individuals by creating photos that define who you are and what keeps you following the call to serve in whatever capacity you are inspired.

I rediscovered photography in the digital age, and I am deliberately and constantly learning all the nuances of the craft. I am fascinated by the many ways possible to showcase a subject, considering lighting, composition – the pre, and the post processing. There is no one right way – only the way that speaks to you, the viewer. I enjoy discovering what makes people tick, as well as how images reach their intended audience.

What gets you out of bed each day? I have 16 legs, not including my own, ready to hit the ground running each day with new adventures. I live with two dogs, and two cats. I make their food, and serve it fresh – a labor of love that contributes to my busy schedule. Hiking with my dogs could be a full time job in itself. Most of my life, I have combined the love for animals with my life’s work – as an animal services officer in several states, as a veterinary assistant, and with my own pet sitting service. Nature, and my appreciation for it, drives most of my thinking and energy. I have a strong commitment to caring for the environment, and all beings living on this planet. I have a Buddhist practice, and a yoga practice – both assisting me with gentle reminders to be compassionate with my self and others, and to give attention to each breath in each moment. Slowing down, and paying attention to what is, has been a gift for me with both photography, and my other creative pursuit, pottery.

Centering. Balancing. Grounding. Whatever your photo needs, from head shots to product shots, animal companion, event, or simply keeping up with a contemporary photographic presence, it is my pleasure and joy to help you create it. My aim is to exceed your expectations in the experience. May your path be bright with all manner of insight and good intentions.